How to Make a Tortilla Bowl

One of the best parts of going to a Mexican restaurant is getting a tortilla bowl for your salad.  While these bowls are not the healthiest food, they are one of the best parts of a taco salad.  Fortunately, it is easy to make your own tortilla bowls at home, and they are a lot healthier than the ones that you get in restaurants.

Start by buying pre-made flour or corn tortillas.  In general, larger tortillas are better, but it is possible to make bowls of any size.  If desired, whole grain tortillas can be used. 

Next, measure your tortillas (or read their size off the package) and subtract four inches.  Using tin foil, make a ball that is approximately this wide.  For example, if you are using eight inch tortillas, make a tin foil ball that is four inches wide.  If you’re making mini bowls, make one inch tin foil balls.  Make a ball for each tortilla bowl you want to make.

After making the balls, microwave your tortillas for about fifteen seconds.  This will make them more flexible.  Then, place a tortilla over each of the balls, and place each tortilla with its ball on a cookie sheet.  If you’re making more than one, make sure that the edges of the tortillas are not touching.  If desired, brush the bowls with a small amount of olive oil before baking.  This will turn the tortillas a golden brown and make them crispier.  Bake the tortillas for about ten minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

After pulling the tortillas out of the oven, turn each tortilla over and discard the tin foil balls.  Your result will be tortilla bowls.  Because they are baked and not fried like restaurant bowls, they are much healthier for you.  These baked tortilla bowls also will not have any trans fats like the bowls that are produced by many Mexican-style fast food chains. 

In addition to using your bowls for taco salads, think about how to use them for other recipes.  For example, you can sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar before baking and use them as edible containers for desserts.  Fill the bowls with pudding, flan, or fruit.  Other possibilities include sprinkling garlic salt over corn tortillas for flavored bowls.  You can also bake two tortillas on top of each other to create a thick bowl that can be used to hold soup or stew.