How to Lose Double Chin Fat Using Face Fitness Formula

This article is all about how to loose double chin fast and easily.  From the beginning I’ve said that the appearance of chin fat can really be broken down into 3 seperate but closely-related things:

  1. Your level of overall fat including what’s on your chin.  You really can’t lose fat just on your face but as you lose it overall you will lose it on your face as well
  2. The tone of your facial muscles.  This is more specific to your face than fat loss is.  You can do exercises that dramatically shape and tone your face including your chin
  3. The firmness and general condition of your skin.  The better your overall health the better your skin but there are also products you can apply that help firm and contour your face, chin, and neck.

It is the combination of all 3 fat level, muscle tone, and skin condition that either give you a firm looking jawline or a flabby looking double chin.

To improve in all 3 areas use a combination of:

  • Good nutrition and exercise to reduce your overall fat level
  • Exercises Designed specifically to firm and contour your face
  • Special nutrition and products that make you skin look healthy and firm

Face Fitness Formula Review


This is essentially a piece of software you download that helps you navigate through the written materials and also the facial exercise videos. Overall it works quite well and leads you through the material in a clear, straight forward way. It’s also fairly attractive and professional. Good images, navigation, etc.


The information in this product is good but honestly the writing is definitely not! The introductory material is particularly bad. I believe the author knows his stuff but he tries to flower it up too much. A good spell check and some basic editing would really help. I don’t believe in nit picking just to nitpick but honestly it’s bad enough that it makes it hard to get through much less understand. It’s not too much to ask that an eBook that costs this much be readable.

There’s also a pitch for another product of his which is intended to help you break bad habits. I don’t mind the pitch but it was kind of long considering this was supposed to be information you need to know before starting the program you’ve already bought. Some of it was definitely meant to help emphasize the importance changing bad habits has on the results you’ll see but even that portion of the introduction just sounded too much like a cheesy sales pitch.

DAY 1:

Day 1 was primarily about detoxification, diet, and also relaxation. Yes I did feel like jumping ahead to the exercises but I resisted the temptation. I wholeheartedly agree that nutrition and managing stress both aid tremendously in improving your overall health including the condition of your skin. None of the information here was revolutionary but it was a good start to actually doing the program.

DAY 2:

OK, I was critical of the writing in the introduction but I have to say the videos showing the exercises for the first day of this 30 day program were outstanding! I’ve found lots of free facial exercise videos out on YouTube but really these are just so much better.

The exercises themselves were great and the videos showing them were very well done. They explained clearly how to perform each exercise and also what you should feel and what areas/muscles they work. I really like that! It helps me be committed when I know why I’m doing what I’m doing. I really felt the exercises where I was supposed to too and honestly have no doubt they will help shape my face pretty quickly.

I didn’t follow the diet recommendations. I already follow a great nutrition plan and didn’t want to give that up. Much of what I already do is in line with this program anyway. I may well make small changes based on the recommendations of this plan but mostly I was looking for excellent facial exercises and if day 1 is any indication–these are those exercises! For anyone not already on a really good nutrition plan the one in this program does seem like it’s based on sound principles and pretty well thought out. If I wasn’t already on a good plan, I would be following it.

DAY 3:

Not much different than day 2. These were great exercises too. So far in both day 2 and 3 combined I’ve only run across 2 exercises that I’d seen before and the ones presented in the program were simpler and more effective than the variations I’d seen prior to starting this program. I’m starting to look forward to each day.

DAY 4:

Same exercises as day 2 but that’s OK. Day 2 had some really good exercises. Also I was already familiar with them which was nice. I could definitely feel them working on exactly the areas I want them to work on. My cheeks, chin, and entire jaw line. The recipes for today seemed pretty cool. Again, I’m only doing the exercise portion of the program but definitely still interested in the nutritional information presented. This first week is primarily about detoxification.

DAY 5:

I’m not using the nutrition plan but I noticed the one for today showed a recipe that called for 2 lbs of Tofu. I am assuming this isn’t for 1 meal but it doesn’t address portions. Again, I can see some merit in what they’re proposing but it could stand some editing. As for today’s exercises, they are the same as day 3. I’m good with that since they’re great exercises and now I’m better prepared to perform them than I was the first time. I am hoping though that there will be new exercises in future days. A fair amount of repetition makes sense though just like in any other exercise program. You’re not going to do completely different exercises each and every workout.

It seems like I am seeing some improvement in the overall firmness of my face. Certainly some of this could just be psychological but I really do feel that this is working.

To be continued…