Dining out Etiquette how to Behave Stylishly at Restaurants

Here are some tips for dining:

1. Dress sense : Dress appropriately for the dining event. This would be the first impression that you would give others at the restaurant, may it be your company or the waiters. Shirts and dark long pants or blouses and skirts of matching colours would most often do fine. You may like to have some fragrance for better impression.

2. Posture : Walk with confidence, sit with backs straightened and do not put elbows onto the table as it is often considered inappropriate in most places.

3. Ordering : To get the attention of waiters, it is always best to use eye contact. Give an affirmative nod or at most a slight raise of the finger (ie not frantic waving). When given the menu, thank the waiter. If you would take some time to decide (it depends on how large your company is and who you are dining with) tell the waiter politely that you will order later. Once ready, say the items clearly, pointing to them clearly in the menu if you wish so as to avoid confusion. You might want to ask for the dish of the day if you are undecided.

4. Table manners : Chew with your mouth closed and do not talk while chewing. Refrain from coughing or sneezing or ask to be excused if unavoidable. Do not play with food or the utensils. Fingers are usually not to be used unless given finger food.

5. Tips : Tip the waiters. It shows your generousity and appreciation of their service.

Additional tips:
Depending on where you are dining, there are some specific dining practices that apply at different places:

1. In Britain, upon finishing of the meal, utensils must be placed in the four o’clock position.

2. In America, do not leave the table without the permission of the host and do not start eating until food has been served to everyone.

3. In France, putting your utensils at the 6 o’clock position would imply that your plate can be taken away, while putting your utensils at the 4 and 8 o’clock position would imply that you have not finished the meal.

4. In Japan, wastage of food is undesirable and all food should be finished.

Following the above tips would ensure that you dine with proper etiquette. Stylishness comes from the gentlemanly and gracious presentation of the above dining guidelines.