The modern science is so much advanced in many complicated medical problems. Also at the same time in many conditions it makes us feel happy. Here I’m narrating one such incident.

A lady of 40 yrs is now pregnant using the sperm of husband who died 5 yrs ago.

This lady is settled in UK of Indian origin. Her husband was diagnosed with leukhaemia 7 yrs back. Before starting the chaemotherapy they took his sperm and that was frozen . But the treatment was unsuccessful and he died. After recovering from the trauma. She decided to do IVF. But the problem was the limitation of number of sperms. She was unsuccessful in 4 attempts. And now she is carrying her baby 3mths inside, in her 5th attempt at a hospital in Ahmedabad in India. Most luckiest thing is that in her last attempt she was left with only 5 sperms of her husband.

IVF (invitrio fertilization) is a sophisticated technology in which the sperm and ovum are fertilized outside the body in a controlled condition and then put inside the mother. So the body condition of mother is more important than any thing else for receiving the eggs.

Through my article my main aim is to write about the health aspects mainly concentrating on reproductive health in both men and women as it is my clinical subject also.

There is a lot of things that men and women should take care for a good sexual and reproductive lifes.

My aim is to write about the things i have noted and i studied.